Oakley’s Augmented-Reality Smart Glasses

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The smart glasses, designed jointly by Intel and the Luxottica Group (Oakley is a subsidiary), are “really just for runners and cyclers,” they kept pointing out. “We spent a long time trying to understand what kind of wearables athletes want, and designed this for them,” they emphasized. And, they told me several times, “we’re not trying to be Google Glass.”

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a fitness tracker clipped to your clothes or around your wrist, oakley sunglasses for men online now there’s a new option: wear one on your face.

Coming in at a scant 23 grams on the Cyclocross Magazine scale, Oakley says that the EVZero is the company’s lightest frame. Although, the use of the word frame may be a misnoamer as the majority of the design is the lens shield.

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“We came back from CES,” Dias says, fake oakleys radar “and started trying to understand what people running and cycling want from wearables. fake oakley sunglasses We saw people carrying phones for emergencies, people with earbuds listening to music, and people wearing lots of devices giving data, like wristbands and chest-strap monitors. We didn’t see any interpretation of the data.”


Oakley and Intel have teamed up to put a personal trainer in your ear with the Oakley Radar Pace, a set of high-tech specs that provide personal coaching advice while you’re out on a run or a bike ride. I went hands- and heads-on with the Oakley Radar Pace, available on Oct. 1 for $449, and came away intrigued at how well the glasses not only heard, but responded to voice commands.

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