Oakley Prizm technology brings out the true colors

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In order to keep you upright and moving on your bike, oakley online store Oakley designed its Prizm Road lens to bring out the natural gradients of streets and highways. The lens helps illuminate any irregularities in your cycling path, which can help you avoid sketchy areas.

“Oakley Prizm technology is revolutionary because it tunes out certain colors and enhances others,oakley outlet shop  so you get enhanced details, more depth perception and more contrast,” says three-time Ironman winner Craig Alexander.



Prizm tech made spotting road debris and potholes second nature. And there’s just a single lens options for all light conditions, so there’s no need to carry additional lenses — convenient and one less thing to think about  oakley outlet store .

Prizm is an effort to build a contrast through maximizing your natural color vision. What we can do with a Prizm lens is identify what colors you’re naturally prone to seeing effectively, then look at the environment and match up those colors, so you have a lot of contrast, which gives you better depth perception which ultimately gives you performance value. When it comes to motocross, that translates to the identification of bumps and transitions between textures in dirt and things like that allowing you to see better in shadowy ruts giving you an advantage.

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