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“We’re concerned about avoiding social awkwardness,” chimed in Scott Smith, a vice president at Luxottica, Oakley’s parent company.

The $449 specs are available on Oakley’s website and select retail stores now. oakley sunglasses sale with free shipping In a statement, Luxottica Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Scott Smith called the new headset the “ultimate hands-free training wearable that will push the boundaries of smart eyewear.”




Intel brought in its team of social scientists, and they held focus groups and mock coaching sessions with athletes and coaches to find out exactly what kind of information coaches would give athletes during their training.

The test pair we received offered a pretty versatile tint with great clarity. oakley knockoffs sale  Our test pair was also the larger of the EVZero options, the Range, while a slightly smaller EVZero Path is also available. Both the EVZero Range and Path share the minimalitst design and gossamer weight as well as Oakley’s Prizm lens technology designed to enhance vision detail.

Oakley Crosshair™ Polarized OO4060-06

Comfort is superb too, with an adjustable rubber nose piece and cheap oakley sunglasses sale outlet rubber coated arms. Both lenses included are vented, which we found made a huge difference on clammy days, and coverage and clarity were good. When it came to fit, the Radarlocks are really secure without feeling overly tight.

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