Oakley Holbrook

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Oakley Hoolbrook eyewear inspired by the style of the 40, 50. and 60. years 20. century on their design, he participated in the world snowboarder Shaun White used glass are suitable for medium to bright light while maintaining a faithful color rendering and reduce glare SPECIFICATION High Definition Optics (HDO)-summary of patented technologies that allow to see clean and sharp, without zkreslovacího and magnifying effect.

Oakley at first made the name as a dealer of sunglasses, as well as picked up rate along with the rest of their items however continue to be notorious for their sunglasses. They have a big variety of sunglasses, cheap oakley sunglasses just like the Jupiter, the Oakley Holbrook, the Mixer as well as the Frogskin to name a few which re the most prominent. It is incredible how customers are indulged for option with sunglasses; not only do they’ve unique sunglasses custom-made for that two sexes as well as the youthful and also the aged yet they have unique categories of games, way of living, active, eastern fit, mlb etching and nation-based team shades!

About the Matter-a special patented material used exclusively in the manufacture of frames, ultra light and Oakley very flexible. Three-Point Fit System-a unique system in which Oakley Holbrook eyewear touching your head only in three places (on the nose and two places behind the ears), thereby eliminating the need for the curvature of the leg frames and glasses you no longer wear, even if you do not press. Plutonite-ultra light and optically balanced material which blocks 100% of all harmful solar rays (UVA, UVB, UVC and blue radiation). Is included directly in the lens, therefore it cannot be use to delete or distort. 24 k iridium glass-11% light transmittance, index of protection 3.

The name “HOLBROOK” came from a similar inspiration. HOLBROOK is a small town found along historic Route 66 in Arizona that sits on the outskirts of the painted desert and the petrified forest. It’s a classic western badland that epitomizes a spirit of exploration and adventure found in those traveling along Highway 66 in the 50’s and 60’s.

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