Benefits of OAKLEY

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Oakley Sunglasses to protect from the Sun at 100% is not doing any other glasses with protective coating, because the material Oakley lenses does not ignore dangerous to eyes invisible rays.

Oakley is the only company which produces massively titanium glasses frame, as well as goggles past ANSI test for strength.

New glasses collection 2007 was a lot of attention paid to women’s points. Scores from the women’s collection is not only fashionable, they possess all the qualities of Oakley-protect against ultraviolet light and offer ultimate optical clarity.

Oakley sport sunglasses are suitable for both professionals and amateurs cheap oakley sunglasses of all sorts of sports, and not only in summer but also in winter-travel to ski resorts.

Oakleys started in the year 1975 with initial capital of $ 300 in Jim’s garage Džennarda. Then the light appeared arm for motorcycles, and after some time Oakley started producing clothes, shoes, bags, sports equipment, and, of course, points-as solar and corrective. Oakley Corporation currently owns more than 600 patents for glasses, materials and equipment.

In glasses of this brand is often possible to see Hulk Hogan-famous wrestler, actor and showman; Hero Breda Pitt in “Fight Club” too is not that other, as Oakley, and Cyclops ‘ glasses from “X-men” Corporation manufactured on special order.

Sunglasses trendy sunglasses OAKLEY eyewear UV400 very inexpensive and fairly high quality Kit (optics much better than Peltora). Ideal for people leading an active lifestyle: hunters, anglers, climbers, cyclists, motorcyclists, motorists etc. Excellent eye protection from shrapnel fake oakleys for sale and ultraviolet, universality (interchangeable lenses), high quality workmanship, reliability-all this makes OAKLEY sunglasses the best choice.
Benefits of OAKLEY:

1. Strong rim. (blue, red, black)
2. Eye protection from direct sunlight and Frogskins Crystal Collection ultraviolet light (UV 400 protection level).
3. replacement lens 5 +1 (hyalogy forlled — polarized) are made of special shockproof polycarbonate.
4. Different lens coating and different coefficients svetofil′tracii.
5. Glass vary simply and quickly.
6. Very well thought out ventilation points, thanks to which the person and a head part for circular little sweat.
7. can withstand lead bullets Ricochet steel ball and various fragments.
8. Glass vary simply and quickly.
9. For extreme wear arc change at elastic fastening (included).
10. Are ideal for any type of person, thanks to the universal form and adjustable (formless) part, which falls on the nose.

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