The technology is as hidden as possible

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Also, the added-on tech hasn’t looked cool in some smart glasses.oakley knockoffs sale The technology protruding out of Google Glass was so visible that it upset people who thought they were being spied on. Oakley and Intel came up with a design where the technology is as hidden as possible, though the headsets are clearly visible on the side.

Oakley DOUBLE EDGE™ PRIZM™  OO9380-0666

Weight is also important to consider, cheap oakley vault clearance obviously, the lighter the sunglasses the better – especially if you’re competing in a sport where split seconds count.The Path lens shape is the smaller of the two, and weighs in at a feathery 22g, making them some of the lightest sports glasses around — lighter than the Spy Daft (28g), Smith Pivlock Arena Max (29g) and long-established roadie favourite the Oakley Radar Path(30g).

You’re current pace is 4 minutes 45 seconds per kilometre, which is just oakleys sunglasses In addition to responding to requests, Radar will give you updates from time to time.Your current stride rate is 84, you need to get this up to 89. Try talking smaller, quicker steps to keep your pace.


The final package—the tricked-out sunglasses with two swappable lenses along with the app—will retail for US $449. That’s about $150 more than comparable standard Radar sunglasses, Dias says.If you’ve got good vision, swap out a pair of polycarbonate glasses for these Trivex NXT lenses, real oakley vault clearance and you’ll convince yourself you’re seeing more detail as you squint to read signs far away. “Wow!” was a common response after first putting the NXT-based Zebra or Zebra light lenses on. They’re very sharp.


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